​​​​​​​​​​​​​                          ​DWAYNE SNEED​


                       Height: 6"3                      Hair: Black

                      Weight: 195                     Eyes: Brown


                             Film​ Supporting

​    Proud Mary                                 Benny   (Stunts)   

    Six Contacts                                 Detective Silvers

    The Visionary                               Police Captain

    Scrooge in the Hood                  Reverend Jones

    Wheres the fire                           Didgeridoo player

                              WEB SERIES

The Undertaker                              Bane Grimshaw


  The Weight of Water                     Payomet Arts

  Where'd you go           Boston Playwrights Theatre


    Beginner Acting/Commercial 1           Kevin Lasit

    Intermediate Acting/Day Player      ​   Kevin lasit

    Advanced Acting                                   Kevin Lasit

    Commercial 2                                       Kevin Lasit

    On Camera Commercial                     Ann Baker

    Fighting for T.V and Film                     Lapides Studio

     Language Of the Face                          John Sudol

    Acting for Film                                      Lynda Robinson

   On Camera Acting  T.V and Film   Carolyn Pickman

   Scene Study for T.V and Film          Media  Inst


   Bagua Xing Taiji                                           Advanced

   Siamese Kung fu                                          Advanced


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​Dwayne Sneed Has a passionate and charismatic personality. Having supporting roles in two independent movies and performances in Theatre and Television.  Dwayne travels the northeast region including New York and Boston. Performs as an actor,singer and Voice over artist. 

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